Dubai to get 'moving' skyscraper

Visionary architect Dr. David Fisher is the creator of the revolutionary Dynamic Tower, the world's first building in motion. The Dynamic Tower heralds a new era of architecture: Buildings in motion will challenge traditional architecture, becoming the symbol of a new philosophy that will change the look of our cities and the concept of living.

The Dynamic Tower offers infinite design possibilities, as each floor rotates independently at different speeds, resulting in a unique and ever evolving shape that introduces a fourth dimension to architecture, Time.

The Dynamic Tower is environmentally friendly, with the ability to generate electricity for itself as well as other buildings nearby making it the first building designed to be self-powered, it achieves this feat with wind turbines fitted between each rotating floor. An 80-story building will have up to 79 wind turbines, making it a true green power plant.

The Dynamic Tower is also the first skyscraper to be built entirely from prefabricated parts that are custom made in a workshop, resulting of fast construction and of substantial cost savings . this approach known as the Fisher Method, also requires far less workers on construction site while each floor of the building can be completed in only seven days, units can also be customized according to the owners needs and styles.

Dr. Fisher states, “Today's life is dynamic, so the space we are living in should be dynamic as well, adjustable to our needs that change continuously, to our concept of design and to our mood, buildings will follow the rhythms of nature, they will change direction and shape from spring to summer, from sunrise to sunset, and adjust themselves to the weather, buildings will be alive.

“From now on, buildings will have four dimensions, the fourth dimension is ‘Time' to become part of architecture,” Dr. Fisher added. “Buildings in motion will shape the sky line of our cities.

By combining motion, green energy and efficient construction, the Dynamic Tower will change architecture as we know it, and will start a new era of Dynamic Living.


LIFE(ライフ) J-Drama

LIFE(ライフ) is a drama based on a popular manga, which deals with many controversial subjects such as suicide, student-teacher relationship, and bullying. Well, that’s not motivating eh? Let’s try it again. This is the first bullying drama that I’ve finished on one sitting.

The first bullying drama I have seen which is not episodic. It’s like watching a 7 hour movie with short bathroom breaks in between. LIFE is about extremities. It is twisted and cheesy… full of rough corners and plot holes, but it still does the job. It takes that stereotypical bullying scene to the next level.

Two things that take it there:

Number 1: Fukuda Saki as Anzai ManamiShe’s evil all right. But it’s not the kind of freakiness(cheesiness) that you’ve seen from Liar Game’s mushroom guy. Fukuda Saki has elegance and control. For that, she won the Best Supporting actress award. She does the occasional evil smiles, but her expressions weren’t as exaggerated as that of Katsumi Sako’s - the_perverted_sicko (Hosoda Yoshihiko).

You know why I hate him more? (Unintentional or not) he’s like a cheap mimic of Kubozuka Yosuke, especially Yosuke’s “the King” role in IWGP. But Katsumi is no near likeable. Even the reason behind his behavior is not enough to garner any sympathy from me. Anyway, back to Anzai Manami, believe it or not, I felt like cheering for her towards the end during the payback moments. I am a new fan of this actress. If you’re not like me and still feel strong hatred over Manami, the best way to get over it is by watching the behind the scenes video clips and pictures at the official site. You’ll see her holding hands cheerfully with the show’sprotagonist, Shiiba Ayumu (Kitano Kii) - the girl who knows how to look bad-ass with a cleaning mop (See picture above). During the intermission in the first episode, you’ll see a slightly bloody Shiiba getting “mopped out” and you think, “OMG OMG”. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but that scene will not occur in episode one, or two, or three…or ever. There’s a similar scene, albeit, bloodless, during the middle.


Shiiba Ayumu has a few shining moments. Are they worth it? Yup, they are. I just wish she has more of those instead of being 80% clueless, weak, and naive. But I love her chemistry with Hatori Miki (Seki Megumi). These are my two favorite scenes of them.


Hatori is the perfect woman version of a knight in shining armor. She was introduced sitting on a high elevated area, while the wind plays around her hair. The second picture will beg you for tears. In my case, it succeeded. Shiiba looks and sounds like Shida Mirai, who acted on two bullying dramas, Watashitachi no Kyoukasho and Queen’s Classroom, but is only likeable in the latter. I’m glad, though, Mirai didn’t get this role - really, really glad.As for the rest of the students who weren’t mentioned, there’s nothing special about them, aside from the fact that they will make your watching experience a living hell. (Hiro, hello?…grrrrrr) The chase in episode 10/11 was a treat. It totally follows the “psychoticness(no such word, I know)” of the school. .


The irony is that Nishi high is considered one of the elite schools that students would die for to get into. But when you get in, it is battle royale, man. The drama tried to deliver a few messages about bullying; too obvious sometimes. Successful or not, I’m not sure. If it even needed to be this extreme to make a point, I’m not sure as well.There are a lot of plot holes in the story. Some issues are left open-ended. For example, I would have liked to know why Manami is acting the way she is.

Number two, of course, is the soundtrack. I don’t even need to explain how brilliant the music director is. See for yourself. One thing though, this show will not be as suspenseful and as grabbing if not for the music. So if you are getting fed up with episodic dramas and want a quickie that will tie your butt onto your seat and keep your blood pressure and adrenaline high till the end – this is your drama.

Watch it here - http://www.mysoju.com/life/ :)


Mars (Matahari) kelihatan naik dari Barat ke Timur

Didalam hadith terdapat tanda kiamat ia itu apabila matahari naik atau kelihatan naik dari Barat. Saya inshaallah akan membincangkan perkara ini dengan tuan puan sekalian. Dalam istilah astronomy terdapat retrograde motion , retrograde revolution dan retrograde rotation.

Retrograde motion ialah apabila planet, bulan atau matahari kelihatan bergerak dari Barat ke Timur. Mungkin inilah akan berlaku apabila matahari kelihatan bergerak dari barat ke Timur yang menjadi tanda kiamat.

Retrograde revolution ialah apabila planet memang bergerak bercanggah arus dan kelihatan bergerak dari Barat ke Timur. Perlu di ketahui semua planet di solar sistem bergerak dari Timur ke Barat. Retrograde rotation ialah apabila planet bergerak bercanggah dari asal dan perlu diingatkan semua planet berpusing mengikut pusingan yang timur ke barat melainkan tiga planet iaitu Venus, Uranus and Pluto.

Mars dan jupiter adalah dua planet yang menunjukkan retrograde motion iaitu kelihatan bergerak dari Barat ke

Timur. Ini adalah kerana kelajuan bumi lebih melebihi kelajuan mars.

Apabila bumi memotong mars maka mars akan kelihatan naik dari barat dan turun ke timur. Perkara yang sama mungkin akan berlaku kepada bumi dan matahari. Ini adalah kerana matahari turut mengelilingi solar sistem dan mungkin pada suatu ketika apabila berada di suatu lokasi dalam ruang solar sistem akan mengalami retrograde matahari secara relative dengan bumi.

Apabila kelajuan matahari dan bumi berada pada tahap yang tertentu maka kelihatan lah matahari naik dari Barat dan tengelam ke Timur untuk beberapa waktu

Mungkin masa itu orang sekular atau atheist akan mengatakan ini hanya fenomena biasa dan kiamat tidak akan berlaku. Orang mu'min mengetahui kiamat sudah hampir dan mereka yakin dengan hadith itu. Kita tidak tahu lah sebelum retrograde motion

matahari berlaku sudah ada ulama usuk menafikan hadith sahih itu takut takut negara tidak maju kerana percaya perkara tahyul. Itu pun boleh berlaku di zaman jahiliyah modern dan dunia akhir zaman.