The Cry Out

This one is my precious dedication for the trusted n beloved frenz. Thank you all for support n ur great help in enforce me to cry out this emotional feeling with this cradle of haze. Take a long of time for me to re sculpture the skill in AE. I almost give up coz i just know the compety a litle bit late. I got only 5 days to come out with the video. Never though could have done that b4. But since my precious frenz inject me with the potesium.... it seem i was drowning myself onto the frozen ocean. I was thinking of clearing out the obstacle that leave a scar on the my broken heart. But seem the almighty never give up on humble person.. i try to put everything and pour my soul and love onto this arts. I dunt care enough if im not the man who standing out the first but i gain something precious on this. I really love it and i cant even describe it with my chessy word. But just want to let u know that i'll love u more than anything else... Lets ur ears decide!

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