Chocolate - Movie

Juz finish watching Chocolate Movie. Awesome film stars newcomer Nicharee “Jeeja” Vismistananda as an autistic girl who learns how to fight both by absorbing her martial arts skills from what she sees on TV and from the Muay thai boxing school next to her home. When she finds a list of debtors in her sick mother’s diary, she decides to go collecting. Her quest leads her to confrontations with criminal gangs and also her father, a member of the Japanese
mafia. ...kawaii ;)


Arts vs Programming

I don't think it is the perfect time to write this.. but i'm given up with my work. I juz got a task that not in my job description. i don't want Programming as my career path. Ok fine at first i was given a multimedia task, but as time goes by, i've been given some sick .net prog.. ohh shit should i stay with this company?? why people alway suck differentiate between art and logical prog stuff.. arghh.. hope one day, i've been working with real creative art company which really appreciate with my talent. i don't want to lose that skill and end stuck up with symbollic maniac.. amin!